Survival – Share your knowledge!

WTHSHTF and the World is FUBAR will you know how to survive?

The Federal Government is not going to be able to help you in a Nation Wide Crisis!  All you need to do is look at the Disruption and Damage that Katrina did in 2005.  Those areas are still in disrepair after almost 6 years. 

Now try to imagine what would happen in the U.S., if the World Economy Collapsed! Or what if Iran gets Nukes and uses them not just against Israel but to stop the flow of Oil to the World?  Could N.Korea start WW3 by nuking Seoul, S.Korea reuniting the country and at the same time hit Japan with a couple of them, as China Secretly supports their Actions?

The World is a Very Dangerous place and Mankind is its biggest threat!  If you do not accept that Truth and are Counting on the Good Will of Man, you will get yourself  Killed!!!


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