I wonder if 2014 will be our 1775???


Gary Hunt on Facebook – OAS failing in DC

I got this in an email from Norm Olson:

It’s everywhere. The media and many others are laughing at how the great expectations of OAS organizers crashed and burned. Organizers boasted that 30 million would show, but only a few hundred turned out. Probably half of them were plain-clothed fed-goons. But here’s something to think about. Since 30 million didn’t show up, one must ask “why?” and “where were they?” Well, it’s simply that at least 30 million have rejected the “soap box” as a way of peacefully changing government.

No doubt they have already rejected the “ballot box,” the “jury box,” and the “money box” leaving only one option: That at least 30 million patriots have quit the demonstrations and mass marches and are turning instead to the “cartridge box.”

I would love to watch the reaction of Morris Dees and Mark Potok when they come to this realization. I can just imagine what Morris Dees will say when it comes to him… It’ll be like the trademark utterance of the great black professional wrestler, Ron Simmons…. “DAMN!”

So, the days of mass marches and country-wide demonstrations are over. The people have clearly sent a message to the Obama Regime… the message says, “we’re through with the peaceful means of changing the government. We’re armed and ready but just laying low.”

Actually, more people turned out in Nevada than they did in Washington DC. That should give us a pretty clear insight as to why. The answer of course is that the nature of the patriot community has changed. Gone are the peaceful protesters standing meekly in a special zone. Gone are the cardboard signs. It’s all be exchanged for fierce head-to-head confrontation with the federal agents. If there is the promise of a good fire fight and lots of shooting, they WILL COME… Told to stand in the pouring rain until their painted signs start to dissolve? NO!

American patriots are READY… no, not necessarily prepared to act like a well-oiled machine, but ready to face the tyranny WITH arms.

That is what we have witnessed this week-end in Washington DC. The patriot/militia community has turned a historic corner. The clouds are gathering. Things will be different from this point on!

Isn’t it time to re-read the Declaration of Independence and Patrick Henry’s great “War Now” speech?


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