Gun CONFISCATION has started in New York…

Though for the MOMENT it is just NYC it is part of the SAFE Act that COVERS the WHOLE State, not just the City!


Published on Dec 15, 2013

This SAFE Act fiasco in New York is most certainly cause for concern. Whether or not the claims of actual Government Gun Confiscation in the City of New York are true you still have to wonder. If any of you know someone who has personally had firearms confiscated, I would love to have a chat with them. This is a scary time to be a gun owner in America…it seems like the powers that be have a personal and professional vendetta against legitimate firearms owners. The way I see it, they do not see us fit to own firearms because of our place “below” them in society. It is all a power grab, and these people have no interest in keeping you SAFE. They have every interest in making sure the cops are busy with plenty of robberies, thefts, and murders due to an unarmed populace. If we all look out for each other and carry firearms everyday, they know that more and more it makes them irrelevant to the equation. I am hoping that people are going to wake up and realize that the whole gun ban/confiscation lie is just a ploy to enslave people and solidify your dependence on them and their “services”
Keep an eye on these people…they are not who they seem! The more we become responsible and armed citizens, the more we drain their power. Remember…they are just people!


About bobk90

Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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