Is there going to be anymore “real” American Elections?

There won’t be a 2016 Election in America! If there is one, it will be a Farce, just like Elections in the Old Soviet Union, Saddam’s Iraq or the current Peoples Republic of China! No my fellow Americans, we will be in the Middle of another Civil War or the Second American Revolution!!! For that matter, we might not see the 2014 Mid-Term Election and here’s why: The US Dollar is ready to Collapse, Unemployment by 1998 Formula is actually at 25%, 1/3rd or 101 Million Americans get Food Assistance from the Government, Obama-Care kicking in with IRS Agents having access to your Personal Medical Records & Bank Accounts, No real Manufacturing Base to rebuild the Economy, the NSA Illegally Spying on US Citizens, DHS with 2 Billion Rounds of ‘Hollow Point’ Ammunition which is Outlawed for War under Geneva Convention, DHS has 2,700 MRAP’s “Combat Patrol” Vehicles so they will be used Patrolling American Cities and using the Illegal to use in War Ammunition on American Citizens since they have not used them to protect our Borders and Lastly the Social Security, Parks Rangers, NASA, NOAA and the IRS are being Armed with M-16’s!!!

So what do you think is going to take place? They don’t plan on handing out Candy I can tell you that!


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Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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One Response to Is there going to be anymore “real” American Elections?

  1. R Willson says:

    It’s all falling into place[?]

    On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 3:10 PM, The Truth…

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