Can you guess Where & What “Ideology” would do a Hanging like this?

What Evil Ideology can ‘Hate’ so much to do such a thing in the US??


Somewhere in the US, an innocent Billboard was Attacked by Whom???

Hints: It was NOT the KKK and it was NOT the Islamic Extremists!!  It does make you think of the Hanging of American Citizens on the Bridge in Fallujah, Iraq!  The picture below however is from Iraq:

I believe it was the “Occupy Wall Street” Scumbags and/or the “Union Money Stealing Goons” at the Instructions of the Democratic Party!!!

Can you guess which State has the Hanging Dummy Billboard?

Hint:   That’s right, Mister Pleasant himself, Democrat Harry Reid from Nevada! He also just happens to be the Senate Majority Leader!    You know the Senate that has NOT Passed ONE BUDGET since Obamas Election!     

Don’t worry but Most Elitists of the World and Liberal Democrats they are :

The actual story can be found:


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Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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