Independence Day 2012 – The Sad state of Affairs in the USA

Everything King George did to the Colonies can now be replaced with the Current Form of Federal Government Abuses! Since the Creation of the Federal Reserve and the IRS in early 1900’s, America has since stopped being a ‘Republic’, hence the reason school children NO longer recite it every day! You could even say America Died after the Civil War, since the Constitution states: “…that NO State can be Formed from another State…” like West Virginia was created and the fact that the States that Seceded from the Tyranny of a Federal Government, had the ‘Right’ to disband their Political Affiliation with the same!

We currently have a government in DC that is as approachable as England was to the Colonists. Voting has been a Sham and a Joke, since the Radio & TV Industries have changed the Truth with continued Lies for their own agenda’s and personal political views that have distorted the Truth! Since the end of WW2, Americans has become Slaves to the Military-Industrial Complex!!! If Obama gets re-elected the USA will become a Socialist Dictator Led Government and if Romney wins the USA will become a Fascist Police State!!

A 2nd Civil War is coming to America so get prepared!!! Americans are so Polarized that one side cannot accept the other sides’ point of view, so there is NO Longer a Middle ground. The Family Unit has been destroyed by Elitists and Traditional Families no longer exist as the Majority! Don’t be surprised about the Ugly Truth that is America but how many people Died trying to buy a Cabbage Patch Doll or a Black Friday Special?? For that matter, more people are Murdered every day in America than any Day in the IRAQ WAR… it was actually saver to go fight in a Full Fledged War than just trying to live in the United States!!! Look it up if you want the real truth. Fox recently reported how that guy laughed when the Judge sentenced him to 8 1/2 years in prison and most people took that he was crazy, right? Well, he laughed because he only got 8 1/2 years for killing someone, so who& what are crazy? The bottom line is this:

America was Officially Pronounced Dead on 6-28-2012 at 10 am est. by the Supreme Court Ruling upholding Obama-Care!!! The Federal Government will now be watching your Bank accounts to make sure you pay your Fair Share and what you buy and where you buy it!!! They will know more about you than you do, when they get a hold of your medical records and merging that information with your buying habits.


The DHS bought 2,700 MRAP’s earlier this year along with buying 450 Million .40 Caliber Hollow Point Rounds to the already 200 Million rounds bought in Feb. 2009 and of course they are now using 30,000 Drones in America!!! The 2,700 MRAP’s is equal to the number of ’54 Tank Battalions’ but here DHS have 54 MRAP Battalions! So where in America does the DHS need to patrol with Mine Resistant Vehicles with powered Gun Turrets? Is it your town they plan to patrol? For that matter, who does the Department of “Homeland Security” plan on shooting with those 650 Million Round of Ammunition??? They are not using it to Secure are Border with Mexico and that’s one thing that I do know for sure.

So Stop believing the Lies from the Demon-Crats & Republi-cants who were cut from the same cloth and who are the Elitists who Destroyed America that our Fore Fathers gave us!

Be Safe, Be Prepared and Be Aware!!!


About bobk90

Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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