Pictures Surface of a Sniper Nest at the Super Bowl ?


Sniper Pictures From Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis


So here is the PROOF that the NFL & MANNING FAMILY threatened to KILL TOM BRADY, for the 2nd time, to LOSE the SB Again!! That explains why Brady was in the so-called ‘Box’ for a Touchback, throws away a Pass like he has done 1000’s of Times but threw like a DEEP POST for Intentional Grounding?

The NFL Elite Club & Patriot HATERS, who despise the Patriots not because they been Kicking Ass for the last 10 years on the Field in the ERA of FREE AGENCY & MONEY Sharing!!!

Here is the ‘Deep Down’ reason for ALL the Haters of the Patriots:

For Super Bowl XXXVI, “Belichick was given a choice by the NFL to introduce either the offense or defense. Belichick chose neither, asking that the team be introduced all at once in the spirit of unity.”

So you see the New England Patriot OUT CLASSED every TEAM PRIOR to Feb. 2002! Proofing that it is a TEAM SPORT! So all the BIG EGO’s Thinking they were GOD’s Gift to the NFL were now feeling like jerk offs in front of the Whole World and how dare those low life’s from New England do this to the Greats of the NFL…LOSERS!!!!!

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