Bill Daley to Step Down as the Chief of Staff

Remember that this is the “Pig” that caused the 2000 Presidential Fiasco! So when he found out the Gore had announced his defeat to GW Bush, Comrade Daly here is the one who Told Gore to get back out there and state you are challenging the results due to Voter Fraud!

Daly has finished what he needed to do behind the scenes and now will go back to Chicago to put into action the plans he created with Axelrod which is:

1. If it looks like Obama will lose the General Election in November, then between late August to Early October 2012, Axelrod & Daley will start the Manufactured Crisis and using the NDAA 2012, Obama will Declare Martial Law and start arresting anyone who speaks out against him!

2. If Obama wins the General Election, they will start a Manufactured Crisis in late November 2012 and will use the NDAA 2012 to arrest US Citizens who they think will be trouble makers and Obama will Declare Martial Law!

So either way, Obama never plans to leave the White House and become another first in America! This time Obama will the 1st Dictator-In-Chief, and he will ask the UN and or China to send in Combat Troops to quell any uprising against his Dictatorship.

About bobk90

Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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