Alert: NDAA 2012 in action in the Small City of Burlington,NC and “Police use a Special Response Team” to Raid a Home for Suspected of Drugs?

The small City of Burlington, NC has a Population of about 49,963 residents as of 2010 City Records.  The Police used a “Special Response Team”(SRT) to Raid a Home on a suspected Drug Charge!

So for a city this small they Used a “Squad of Military Commandos” Dressed EXACTLY like the ARMY Soldiers that we have all seen since 911…  Talk about ‘Overkill’, these “Police Officers” had the M-4/M16 Rifles, looks like 3 Magazine Pouches plus one mag Loaded in the weapon for a guess of 120 Rounds of 5.56 Military Grade Ammo,Tactical Armor Vests, all but one also has Drop-Leg Pistol Rig with .40 or .45 Caliber Pistols with 2 magazines of 9 rounds, and on top of all that, the Fingered Gloves are not padded so they are not being worn for ‘Protection’ but to prevent Fingerprints from being on Site!!!  I guess these guys are part of NC’s newly “Created 25,000 size force of Criminal Justice “Super” Agency” Based out of Raleigh, NC

Welcome to the POLICE STATE of AMERICA!  Brought to you by the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 that Obama signed into Law while he was Vacationing in Hawaii, again!!! The Federal Government has been Preparing for Martial Law in the United States and Obama got a Late Christmas present from Congress that gives him, basically, Dictatorial Powers. No way you say?

Hate to be bearer of bad news but Obama & Cronies can now Imprison  anyone, ’without  Trial or even a court hearing’!  As of now, Obama & Cronies can Simply Classify a ‘Person or Group’ as “ASSOCIATED FORCES”  and they can Permanently Detain U.S. Citizens, until the “Cease of Hostilities” of course… but Terrorism is going to be a Long Term Threat isn’t???

So OPEN your EYES and you will that “Associated Forces” is just a Classification Code to be able to Detain American Citizens without Trial!!!!!

If this is the Future for America then I hope you have started to stockpile Weapons, Ammo, Water Purification, etc. etc. Do you remember what the character, Charlie says, in the Movie 2012?  Well, he states: “It’s Gonna get Ugly Here”…

If it even looks like Obama will lose the Election, I figure come late Summer or Early Fall, that something Terrible will happen again in the States and Obama “will” Declare Martial Law in American and become another First for America, but this time as a Dictator!!!!!



Several people were taken into custody and a Special Response Team officer was bit by a dog Thursday morning when Burlington police executed a search warrant on Fulton Street.

“We received complaints on the house about possible narcotic activities,” said Burlington policeCapt. Jeff Wood.  Officers obtained a warrant to search 410 Fulton St., which is off of Fisher Street and across the street from Gospel Tabernacle United Holy Church.

“We used the SRT to make entry into the house,” Wood said.  At about that time, one of the men in the house ran out the back door, and one of the two pit bulls in the residence bit an officer in the back of his leg, hitting a hamstring.

Wood took the officer to the city nurse, but he is going to be OK, Wood said.  The man who ran out of the house was caught off of Sharpe Road and brought back to the Fulton Street house where he was questioned.

Burlington Animal Services was called to remove the dogs. The one that bit the officer will be quarantined at the animal shelter on Stone Quarry Road for at least 10 days to be sure it doesn’t have rabies. Wood wasn’t sure about the fate of the second dog because the investigation is still ongoing.

Details about charges or what police found in the search weren’t immediately available.


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