A Note on 2011 & the New Year 2012

I first want to say Thanks, to all the folks out there that visited my blog in 2011!!!  It is an amazing number with total number of 2,100 (+ or -) who Visited according to my Annual report from WordPress.com!   I made it available for all to see what went down in 2011 and to have “The Truth” blog be a Transparent Blog for facts and figures showing that I am not blowing my own horn.

As for the New Year 2012, I am hopeful that Americans across the country will wake up and see thru the Political Establishment!!!  So IMO, the Democrat & Republican Parties are nothing more than, the Right and Left Hand, of the Elite Political Establishment which our controlled by Elitist who think they know what is best for “…The Dumb and Lazy Americans…”  I just want Freedom Loving Americans to open their eyes to what the Federal Government is doing to Erode our Civil Liberties!!

So anyways, no I’m just kidding; So with the amount of traffic that “The Truth” actually received in 2011, makes want to offer more to all the Viewers out there in Cyber Space.  So any ideas on the site or news etc. let me know!

I have a Story I have been working on regarding the NDAA 2012 that President Obama just signed into Law, while Vacationing, Again and will Publish it later. So look for it since it really is an important Issue for 2012 and beyond!


About bobk90

Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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