Truth about how the “Occupy Wall Street” is a Cover-up!!!

Occupy Wall Street is Bull Crap with no real solutions to anything and Union Workers getting Time Off & Paid for doing nothing! Well, I guess they want America to become like Greece by giving everything to, what they call, the 99% and that simply would not work and would kill the economy, because no would be working! Why, because who would have the “Incentive to work” if the “Government” just gave them all they wanted???

Does anyone in their right mind think that Joe ‘the Garbage man’ will go to work, when he can sit on his arse and get everything??? Neither Communism nor Socialism works, in the ‘Real World’ like they were meant to be! For Example: England has a Socialist-Democracy and things there are not working out in their economy with the Violent Protests in their major cities! The Greeks Socialist-Democracy is not only destroying their own country but looks like it will destroy the European Union (EU) as well. Communism for the most part is gone just as the Soviet Union demise and look how Communism treated their people! Look at Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge Communists who Killed Millions of her own citizens because they didn’t believe! N. Korea is an Economic mess and threatens the world with Nuclear Bombs if we don’t give them food and money! Of Course, you have Chinese Communism who would drive their Tanks into the areas of protests and just start shooting the protestors, like they did in 1989 in Tiananmen Square!

If everyone would just ignore these whack jobs and just stop interviewing them, feeding them, encouraging them and stop allowing the creation of mini ‘Shanty Towns ‘ on Public Land, I bet you that they will go away! They have nothing constructive to offer to anyone except to rob the Tax Payer of hard earned money!

The only Reason Occupy Wall Street is being allowed to continue at all for so long is: The Liberal News Media, Liberal Democrats and the Democratic Party, are trying to take the eye off of two huge issues: One, being Obama’s Green Energy Deals gone bad with the same people of those companies being Huge Donors to the Obama Campaign. Two, Fast & Furious Program that Invaded the Foreign Country of Mexico with Holder & Obama’s Intent to go after Legal Gun Owners in the U.S. which will force Eric Holder to resign and brought up on charges of misappropriations of Taxpayer Money, as well as, President Obama resigning or getting impeached for the same reasons! Fast & Furious did not take place without Holder or Obama Authorization!

Ron Paul is the only Presidential Candidate who actually believes in the Constitution & Bill of Rights!!! The Liberal Media, Democrats and the Republicans are trying to portray him as a lunatic, why, because if the Constitution was actually followed & upheld, then the Elites of this country would no longer have the Power!!!


About bobk90

Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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