The United State of America is Primed for another Civil War !

I have been saying the US is primed for it’s 2nd Civil War for the last 2 years or so and I am just an average person!  The other day while reading headlines of the New York Times I came across an article that supports my theory!  The looks I have gotten from Friends and Family, when I have stated that some type Civil War is coming to the US, they act like it could not happen here because we are Better than that!  I have stated that the current divisions in America Today are the same as the late 1850’s leading up to the Civil War.

Debt Bill Is Signed, Ending a Fractious Battle


Published: August 2, 2011

“We could draw parallels and distinctions with other tumultuous times such as the Civil War,”Glen Browder, a former congressman from Alabama and professor emeritus at Jacksonville State University, said in an e-mail. “But I do believe that this is something different from most Democrat-Republican struggles in our recent history. The traditional game of politics in which the two sides contest over control of issues and decisions for core constituencies has erupted into an intense struggle with critical ideological/philosophical divisions about what America means and how America ought to work.”

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