If Obama does not release Photos, he should be Impeached for High Crimes & Treason: “Providing Aid & Comfort to the Enemy” during a Time of War!

As you know, President Obama said earlier today that he would not release the Photos because of “National Security Concerns.” That simply is not true considering that the all the facts!

1. TRUST – Considering that it took the President 2 plus years to show his own Birth Certificate, NO ONE will EVER believe President Obama’s WORD stating that yes, Bin Laden is Dead.

2. America needs to see Pictures of Laden dead Body and DNA results before I believe anything!!!! They Showed us pictures of Saddam Dead, Saddam Hanging and His two Sons by US Military. Plus they showed al-Zarqawi’s dead body after an Air Strike!!! They SHOWED the VIDEO and PICTURES of the Jessica Lynch Rescue in IRAQ! Not only was it a Night time Raid, it was also in the Middle of MAJOR COMBAT Operations in IRAQ!!! They can talk all they want, saying this or that but only the PHOTO’s of Bin Laden’s DEAD BODY is PROOF!!!!!!!!!!

3. Mr. Speaker, if President Obama continues to REFUSE to show, to the America people and the World, the Photo’s of Bin Laden’s Death than Congress needs to Subpoena them and make them All Public! It is our National Security and Credibility that is at Risk! The Brave Men and Women who have been Defending our Freedom Deserve that this Proof be Shown!

4. If President Obama refuses the Subpoena, the only choice left for America is to IMPEACH President Obama for HIGH TREASON – Providing AID & COMFORT to the Enemy!!!!!!!! As long as the photo’s stay hidden from Public View, this gives OUR “ENEMIES” COMFORT because they will think that Laden is just in a Secret CIA Prison somewhere!!! Also, I just read that Islamic Clerics are saying that the Sea Burial is not in accordance with Islamic Law! This is giving AID to the Enemy by Motivating them to fight!

I sincerely hope that Bin Laden is Dead but I cannot feel any comfort for the reasons stated above on this Issue.


About bobk90

Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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