"LET ME BE CLEAR" We need an Revolution in America!!!!!!!

Now… “LET ME BE CLEAR” it was PRESI-DEBT OBUMMER and the DEMONCRATS in the House & Senate, WHO FAILED TO PASS A 2011 BUDGET!!!

If the Budget was SO IMPORTANT to OBAMA, why DIDN’T the DEMON-CRATS who CONTROLLED both HOUSE & SENATE, get a BUDGET PASSED before 1 OCT 2010?? 

So I ask you just ONE simple question:

What the “HELL” were the DEMON-CRATS doing in July, August & September 2010 that these PIGS(who make $175,000/year) could NOT put a BUDGET TOGETHER????

The “Constitution” gives us the Right to throw out these Bums Out and start Fresh!!!

‘We the People’ have NO Representation in our Government, regardless of ANY current Political Party!!!  They are ALL GUILTY for Multiple Years & Multiple CRIMES and need to be in Jail with NO PAROLE!!!  They have Committed THOUSANDS of Criminal Acts against the Constitution and the Citizens of America!!!

If anyone would simply look at the Declaration of Independence, which lists the many  Grievance’s that King George and England did to the Colonists!  You will see that Our Current Federal Government is NO DIFFERENT today, just like the English!


About bobk90

Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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One Response to "LET ME BE CLEAR" We need an Revolution in America!!!!!!!

  1. Bamm-Bamm’s Budget Plan

    What leadership! Obama-style:
    To hide away the longest while,
    And dither ’til the very last
    Until the time is almost past.

    Then ride in at the end of day,
    Adopt whatever plan’s in play,
    Proclaim its merits as your own
    And say debate is overblown.

    As evidence I would submit
    The budget, dragging bit by bit,
    O’er months of fruitless talks, and yet
    The President played hard to get.

    He named Joe Biden as his man:
    Joe had a meeting, then he ran,
    To meet the Russians overseas
    And charm them with his expertise.

    The President then saw the need
    To hand the reins to Harry Reid,
    Who could not of his own accord
    Get Boehner and his team on board.

    And now the President is mad.
    He wants a deal and wants it bad.
    So in a fit of hope and change
    He takes off for the golfing range.

    But on his way he first insults,
    By saying they should be adults,
    The very men who have displayed
    The will to work, while he has played.

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