Photo Urinalism – Bull Crap from the Libyan Conflict

It’s ALL a Crock of Bull Dung that the Media is Feeding the World on Libya.  A new Acronym  I made up just for the Captions of the ‘New York Times’ photos in Libya:

WISS = What It Should Say

What is Sad is that Millions of People ‘can not’ or ‘will not’ see the Truth  of what is actually happening  ;~[   The Public is just accepting anything the Main Stream Media or what the White House is putting out as Facts???

Take a close look at the Photo’s  from the New York Times, Posted on March 26,2011

clip_image002 NYT-The bodies of fighters loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi in a hospital courtyard. WISS I have a “Tourniquet” on my right leg for a BLOODLESS Wound!

clip_image004 NYT-Intense fighting was everywhere, with damaged homes and wreckage in the streets. WISS – The Intense Fighting ‘Evidence’ is NO WHERE!!!  The picture shows a Highway not City streets and there is no Damaged Homes in sight but you do see some Rubble on the Highway.

clip_image006 NYT-In Ajdabiya, charred government tanks that were destroyed by the airstrikes through the night were still smoldering on Saturday.  WISS – A pic of a Destroyed Tank from a Previous Conflict and there is NO SMOLDERING of anything!  When is the Last Time that it RAINED SO HARD in LIBYA, that it FILLED this CRATER with WATER???!!!???

clip_image008 NYT-Men believed to be Qaddafi loyalists were held.  WISS – You were Supposed to Wear your Dirty Farming Clothes, IDIOTS!!! ALLAH just told me that there will be NO Virgins for You, in Heaven LMAO

clip_image002[4] NYT-Weapons belonging to forces loyal to Colonel Qaddafi that were destroyed by a coalition airstrike along a road between Benghazi and Ajdabiya.  WISS – A Recently Destroyed Missile Launcher Truck thanks to the No-Fly Zone!!  All of the Truck is burnt but apparently ALLAH Saved the TUBES for the “Rebels”!


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