When Does a NO-FLY Equal Bombing Trucks and Tanks?

Rick Leventhal of FOX News and Former Marine is helping with the Cover-up that is Called the Libyan Conflict!  Here are a couple of Facts on his reporting:

1.  The Aircraft that was supposedly shot down during the Enforcement of the No-Fly Zone, was NOT a Libyan Government Jet!  Come to find out he says, the Plane had a Rebel Flag Painted on it!  The Jet Crash site as a back drop for Rick’s new feed show pieces of some type of plane but I did not see it smoldering since the Picture of the Jet was on Fire! 

2  Rick standing in front of a Destroyed ‘Soviet Tank’ but again but I did not see it smoldering at all.  So it begs to question where is the Truth?

The Whole Libyan Conflict is the same as “Canadian Bacon” movie with John Candy!  I can’t believe that FOX News is going along with it Farce!

I guess FOX News as a Whole “Bowed” to Obama who threatened their License to Operate!!!! 

At Least Canadian Bacon was plausible!  A month of Libyan Troops Bombing Civilians and Massacring them and NO pictures anywhere on the WEB??? We send some Missiles and Bombs, surprise, surprise, surprise!  Now we see Bombed Out Buildings and “Old” Soviet Tanks Destroyed (but when) and in LESS than 24 hours, they Claim that the No-Fly is in Effect????  
I am the Only person seeing threw the CRAP that ALL NEWS Outlets are professing to be TRUE??!!??!!

This has not been a WAR from the start a Month ago!   They were protesters in the Street for a couple of weeks, Next they Added WATER to the protesters and they became Hardened “Rebels” without a Clue and then France&England Recognize them as a Country?!?!?!? 


Is This the Biggest Hoax in History or Just a Great Cover for whatever the Iranian War Ships in the Med Sea are doing!!!!

About bobk90

Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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