The Great Libyan Hoax – Pictures don’t LIE but News Media do!

LIBYA-pilot fake

The Caption for this photo reads: “A dead pilot lies among the debris of a jet.“  Anyone can see that this is a STAGED Photo!!  Take a Look for yourself and you’ll see the Truth on the Hoax that’s going on in Libya ! I did and all I could find was: Just FIVE (5) Pictures out of 184 by NY Times show either Injured or Dead, but not ONE (1) in a POOL of BLOOD!!!

Open your Eyes to See the Lies!!! Check out this link to NY Times:


I believe many Photos from Libya are Faked and Staged!!! I don’t see any ‘Blood’ or torn up bodies like we normally see on TV or the Web?? The News Media “Always” shows the Bloody Child or Weeping Parents and the Dead Bodies in the street! But I haven’t seen one yet??? Read the Captions and you will the see outright Lies and Deceit!!

When Bombs and Fighting happens anywhere else in the World, they show us the most Horrendous pictures of Dead Children in Moms arms or a Dead Person lying in the puddle of their own blood.  They have done so in the Past and they do that in Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan or any other conflict that goes on in the World Today!!!


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