Do we still have FREEDOM in the USA???

Chinese Flag

Under Obama Care your only allowed “ONE” Mammogram or Colonoscopy every 5 Years unless you have had cancer or are a High Risk! Now isn’t that what is meant a “Death Board” by a government accountant says it’s a waste? I mean you have negative result in year one but the following year a test could have shown that you have it! But we have to wait 4 more years before testing again! So when year 5 comes and now you test Positive & the only thing the Doctor can tell you it’s TERMINAL!!!, that there is NO Treatment for it at this stage except some DRUGS to EASE your PAIN !!!

Remember that AFTER all the Money is spent on Obama Care and the Debt & Deficit go Critical, that we still will have 14 MILLION PEOPLE UN-INSURED!  So in getting All those LOANS from the CHINESE to finance Obama Care, we become Capitalist Slaves Working and by Proxy, Pay Taxes to the CHINESE COMMUNISTS!

Not to Mention that a “GOVERNMENT WORKER” will be able to see your Medical Records and be able to see your Bank Account to make sure you are Paying you fair share or how much that you have to pay!!!

So if the Government can ACCESS your PERSONAL MEDICAL RECORDS and your PERSONAL BANK RECORDS, do we still have FREEDOM??????????????


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Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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