Obama is a 3 Time Loser & should be Impeached…


President Obama is a 3 Time Loser and should be removed from Office under the 3 Strike Rule and here are just a few thing that could be used!

1. He lied to All Americans about everything that he Promised during his Campaign with the Biggest Lie being was to have the ‘Most Transparent’ and ‘Open” Administration.

1. A. HOW can anyone become President of the United States of America, if they do not have an Original & Official Birth Certificate? Doesn’t that make him an “Undocumented” Worker? and How could Americans Allow that to happen, is Beyond Common Sense!

2. He lied to All Americans when he said that the Bailout of Big Business would keep Unemployment under 8% as we move forward. Yet, 2 years later UnEmployment is still at 9% with people collecting Whopping 55 weeks of Unemployment Insurance. I guess the Jobs Created or Saved by Obama has worked out just fine!

2. A. WHY did President Obama, Democratic Controlled Congress and the ‘Demon-Cratic’ Party, who all CLAIM to hate Big Business and Love the Little Guy BUT take care of Big Business with the Bail-Outs and nothing for the Little Guy except “Higher UnEmployment” and “Higher Taxes?”

3, That ObamaCare would not Change your Healthcare if you liked what you have, would not cause Premiums to go up, would not lower the amount or type of Care you could receive, would not add 1 Dime to the Debt which is a bait & switch tactic because it added “Trillions” of Dollars to our Deficit which he took out Loans from the Chinese!


About bobk90

Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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