Will Terrorism ever be wiped off the Earth???

The Federal Government will not ‘Stifle’ the Islamic Pigs from building a Mosque near Ground Zero, stating Freedom of Religion! Everyone knows or should know by now that it is the ‘Clerics’ of these Mosque who Preach and Teach Hate plus they Endorse, Fund and Train for Jihad. The Iraq War has proven this over & over again that Islam is an Extreme Religion. The “Koran” they say is their version of a Bible, talks about Death to All Infidels is the only solution! Mohamed not only Instructs & Commands them to Kill Infidels, he also promises them that, If they Kill themselves while Killings Infidels they become Martyrs and have Many Beautiful Virgins in Heaven!!!

The Only Solution to the Middle East is to use the Same Nerve Agent that Saddam had Used on the Kurds in Iraq!!!  We simply need to use it on a Larger Scale, that wipes out the Whole Population of the all the Middle East Countries and Use it on the Muslim Nations in Africa and South East Asia while we’re at it!!!

Then and only then, will Terrorism be wiped off the Earth!


About bobk90

Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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