The New "Shot Heard Around the World"….



Arizona House of Representative Giffords wounded in shooting that killed 5 others including a Federal Judge! The Economy is Stressing everyone out except the Elite who are pulling the strings in the World. Average Americans can take only so much and People feeling Desperate Do Desperate Things!!! Now we will see a Massive Campaign against our Gun Rights, which unlike HealthCare, IS IN the Constitution! However the Liberal News Media, Anti-Gun Groups and the Demon-Crats will “DEMAND” that Gun Laws are too Weak and need to be re-written! They will also try to change the Classifications of all types of weapons in Lieu of the Shooting!!!! If they had their way, only single shot weapons would be allowed and the 22 Caliber Round or 410 Shot Shell, would be the largest for the Public to Buy!!!  Well, that’s if they don’t try to Out Law everything except BB and Pellet Guns!!!

For all we know, History might look at this as the New “Shot Heard Around the World”…. Remember, that in the Revolution 1/3 of Colonists did nothing, while 1/3 fought alongside the British and the last 1/3 Fought for Our Freedom from Tyranny by a Government who Ignored the Colonists and just kept Tightening the Screw of Bondage!!!!!!


About bobk90

Freedom Isn't Free! I am a Constitutional Insurgent and a Defender of the Bill of Rights! Long Live the Republic!
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